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A.L.I.A.S, where scientist were attempting to make the ultimate war machine.........
2011-08-25 23:43:05
A.L.I.A.S. 2A.L.I.A.S. 2
Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage, The Story Continu......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
A.L.I.A.S. 3A.L.I.A.S. 3
A.L.I.A.S has finally identified his human nature! He has decided to take reve......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
AB: SpermicideAB: Spermicide
Fly around in the inside of a woman shoot down the sperm trying to get through......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Action Driving GameAction Driving Game
Guide the tricked-out BMW to the Eiffel Tower completing Frank's latest job as......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Action FishingAction Fishing
Catch as many fish as you can within the allocated time limits.......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Adventures of a CowAdventures of a Cow
Help rescue the cow's friend who is locked away in a cage.......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Adventures Of A Space CowboyAdventures Of A Space Cowboy
Take on the role of Space Cowboy as you navigate a distant planet, shooting al......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Adventures of Blob BobAdventures of Blob Bob
Help Bob the Blob get fruits, jump onto platform and avoid spikes, worms, dino......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Adventures of Guy - RPGAdventures of Guy - RPG
One day, you wake up, go outside and are attacked when a wizards asks you to g......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Adventures of JackAdventures of Jack
You are a young kid exploring these drug filled streets talk to pimps druggies......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Aevarrons ColiseumAevarrons Coliseum
Get into the ruthless battle arena and try to defeat all your opponents using ......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Agent FootyAgent Footy
In this game you need to collect as much money as possible and put it into a s......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Agro VacationsAgro Vacations
A neat adventure game where you have to jump up the platforms, take out the sp......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Air AdventureAir Adventure
Help Stuart fly through Central Park and return to the Little's house. Avoid b......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Air Defense 1Air Defense 1
Take control of the anti aircraft guns and shoot down the invading enemy plane......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Air Defense 2Air Defense 2
Protect your communication tower against the enemy air strike. Buy or upgrade ......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Air WolfAir Wolf
If the gunship is hit with a bullet or hits the side of the arena or the other......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Play against another person shoot down your player usng the heli avoid hitting......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Aitchu 3Aitchu 3
You are Aitchu The Ninja. You have to save Sawsi San from the kidnappers in th......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Alchemist Flame OutAlchemist Flame Out
Help Colonel Roy, the flame alchemist, to destroy the attacking hordes of chim......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Your task is to place the magical runes on the board to turn it to gold. Great......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
Alias 2Alias 2
Guide your alias through the building which is guarded by a very high tech sec......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
"DEFEND THE BASE" from evil aliens!Defenf your mars base and defeat the enemy ......
2011-08-25 23:43:05
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